Prof. Tomáš Adam, Ph.D.
Head manager
Laboratory of Metabolomics and Department of Clinical Biochemistry, +420 588 444 231

Assoc. Prof. David Friedecký, Ph.D., +420 588 442 619

David is responsible for LC/MS methods in a routine diagnostic laboratory (newborn screening, therapeutic drug monitoring and methods for diagnosing of IMDs). The main research focus covers metabolomics, lipidomics and other fields of mass spectrometry in clinical research.

Hana Janečková, Ph.D.; +420 588 443 234 

Radana Karlíková, Ph.D.; +420 585 632 177

Radana is interested in metabolic disorders, biochemical pathways, and metabolomics. She focuses on biochemical evaluation for understanding changes in metabolic pathways.

MSc. Dana Dobešová (PhD student)

Dana is interested in LC/MS based quantitative targeted metabolomics. As biochemist is studying purine metabolism by metabolomic and mass spectrometry methods.

MSc. Štěpán Kouřil (PhD student)

Štěpán is interested in targeted and untargeted lipidomics analysis. He is primarily responsible for data processing and biological interpretation of measured data and is also involved in the issue of correlation relationships in the metabolomics data.

MSc. Julie Rendlová (PhD student)

Julie is studying and implementing new techniques of high-dimensional data analysis in statistical software R. She is working mainly on methods developed within a compositional data framework as well as on a correlation analysis of metabolites.